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Poverty, Slums and Illitrecy

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Poverty and Slums: Poverty is a major problem. The are a lot of people who are living in the unhygenic slums. There are a lot of areas covered with slums. Poverty is the direct reason for another problem i.e., Illitrecy.

Major Slum Areas in Bhopal:

1) Rahul Nagar
2) Jai Hind-Jai Durge Basti
3) Indranagar Basti
4) Jalkhedi Basti
5) Chhattisgarh Basti

Illitrecy:The litrecy rate of Bhopal is also very low.The percentage of literate men is 69% (approx.) and that of literate women is as less as 52% (approx.) which is very less as compared to other cities of India.Both these problems in my opinion cannot be solved by the government alone. It requires a combined effort of the govenrment and the people of Bhopal.