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Water Shortage

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As everyone knows Bhopal is known as the "City of Lakes". There are seven lakes in Bhopal. There was a time when water was in surplus in Bhopal. But due to wastage of water in the past few years and less amount of rainfall, now the situation is such that there are people who do not even get sufficient water to drink. The level of water of the lakes is decreasig at an alarming rate. People have to stand in long queues to get water. Despite of all this people are contineously wasting water and not caring about the cicumstances.

What People Say??

Water is more important than making money. Our aim should be to save people and not industries.
-- M.F.Hussain (Artist)

Saving water is not the job of a leader, this is a job in which each person has to play his part.
--Rajendra Singh (Magses Award Achiever "Save Water" Worker)

We haven't learned to use water in a better way. When will our mindget attached to water.
--Megha Patkar(Save Narmada Leader)

We will have to change this mentality that saving and providing water is the work of the government. Wherever there is water there is life, without water there is nothing.
--Late Mr. Anil Agarwal(Water Scientist)

Today the biggest need is that most of the water from the rains should be allowed to enter the land and should be stored
--Mr. Ramesh Chandra Agarwal(Chairman, Dainik Bhaskar)